Measure Your Wrist

We at Divoti are committed to getting you a product you will love to wear! Before you order, please take the time to ensure you are selecting the right size:

It is easy to find out your exact wrist circumference by taking a measurement of your wrist with a soft, flexible tape measure or a string and a ruler.

  • To use a tape measure, wrap the tape measure around the wrist you plan to wear your bracelet. Write down the number where the tape measure comfortably overlaps "0".
  • To use a string, wrap the material around your wrist and mark where the string begins to overlap. Then, use a straight ruler or tape measure to measure the length of this string

All our bracelets are measured from end to end.  For most bracelets, please add about a 3/4" comfort gap.  For bracelets with thicker chains, please add at least 1".

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