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Wrong size gift bracelet

Recieved wrong size braclet for Christmas gift. My wrist is 6" my daughter ordered 7 1/2" need 7". It hanges down over palm of hand

Daughter ordered 71/2 inch bracelet. With tag it measures 8" Chain is 6" tag 2" wrist is 6" what size chain should i order? 5"
I ordered a medical alert bracelet through Amazon it was marked 7 1/2 but the order reflects a 6 1/2 I need the 7 1/2. If possible I would trade it-I’m satisfied with what I received but with the 6 1/2 it is of no use to me. Please advice.
I ordered a size 7 inch bracelet and got a 6 1/2 cannot even clasp it closed. Also don’t really love the Byzantine chain —-it’s too thick! Tag is fine Please advise on how I can amend this situation ASAP! ASAP! ASAP!!

wrong size chain on recently ordered chain.  please tell me how i can receive a longer chain as quick as possible so that it fits properly.  its way too tight.  help

Thanks for contacting us about the size problem. 

We offer one-time size exchange for the chain part at no cost. Please simply return the Chain only (PLEASE KEEP THE CUSTOM ENGRAVED ID) with your order info (order #, your name, address and required size) to


Divoti Inc.

9888 Carroll Centre Rd., Ste. 206

San Diego, CA 92126-4515

and we will ship the bracelet of your required size ASAP at our own cost.

**** Please include a note with your return package on the total length (tag plus chain bracelet) of your Divoti medical alert bracelet should be your actual wrist size plus AT LEAST half inch.

Here is an idea: ( 2" Tag + __ " Chain +0.5" = ___" Total length) 

Best regards,

Divoti Customer Care

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